Gilson Celestino Borges Lopes da Costa


Gilson or Chibiote

Date of birth


With Delta Cultura since

April 2013

Role at Delta Cultura

Program Coordinator

About me

I am 24 years old and I live in Monte-Iria, city of Tarrafal. I have a degree in English Studies, in the educational field, from the University of Cape Verde in Praia. I see myself as a very confidential person who likes cinema, sports, particularly football, music, and beach. I also like to write and read about human behavior. I like to be in relaxed environments but does not escape from my reality and I also like a lot of fun. I am a person who doesn’t tolerate injustice, abuse and/or violence in all its contexts. Although considered by many to be shy, and being a person of few words and many thoughts, I like to exercise my freedom of choice, freedom of expression and decision-making. I share the belief that we live in a world where all thoughts and attitudes of people are systematized and manipulated by individual derivative interests of a capitalist system governed by the elements that make up the human negativity. I believe the power of education can change the world although it is clear that the current change that the world is facing is going in an opposite direction.

About Delta Cultura

Founded in 2002 by Florian Wegenstein and his Cape Verde companion, Marisa Correia, Delta Cultura was a place that welcomed me as a child, in a very special way. With the age of 12, I started my journey in Delta Culture as a mere participant of Delta Cultura Football School. At the time there was not a variety of educational programs which one could participate. The work was limited just to soccer practice by categories and a batuco group that represented the cultural dimension of Delta Cultura as well. Both for me and for all children at that time, Delta Cultura offered us what we always wanted to have: a space where we could train and play football freely.