Estela Amarilia Cabral Correia



Date of birth

20 of April, 1976

With Delta Cultura since

2002 (founder)

Role at Delta Cultura

Treasurer of the association / Administrator of the Education Center Tarrafal / Leader of the Batuco groups

About me

My situation is complicated. Living with my family is complicated because making a living in Cape Verde is complicated. The living costs are high and the salaries low. This is why having a big family makes life a lot harder in Cape Verde.

About Delta Cultura

Delta Cultura Cabo Verde is one of the best associations on the Capeverdean islands, which takes care of children and youths and is in different areas active: training, education, culture and sport. I have lots of hope that Delta Cultura will continue its work for many years and that one day the population will be proud of our work and collaborate even more. I work with Delta Cultura because I love to help the children. I feel proud when I see that I can support my community. I don´t care if somebody is rich or poor, or what color somebody’s eyes have, important is that I do something for others – I share my knowledge but also I learn a lot with the children.