Fernando Lopes Tavares



Date of birth


With Delta Cultura since

August 2004

Role at Delta Cultura

Caregiver / Children- and youth football trainer of the Education Center Tarrafal / Vice-treasurer of the association

About me

I was born in Matu Mendi (small village in the community of Tarrafal) and grew up with the family of my mother. I do not know my father because he died when I was 6 months old. I am the second and last child of my mother and the last one of my father. I have more than forty brothers and sisters.
We moved to the village of Tarrafal in June 1997. I went to school until the sixth class. After that the poor financial situation of my mother wouldn’t let me continue. I went to work. One day I asked Florian to be the trainer of his U10. After the construction of the Center I got work there.

About Delta Cultura

Delta Cultura is one of the best associations in Cape Verde. It works seriously and takes care of children. I work for Delta Cultura because I like this kind of work they do and also because I love to work with children and adolescents.