Samir Amir Sanches Furtado Monteiro


Samir (Lizito)

Date of birth


With Delta Cultura since

November 2011

Role at Delta Cultura

Monitor at the Education Center Tarrafal; collaboration at administration and M&E

About me

I was born and I live in Ribeira das Pratas, but it was in the city of Assomada where I grew up and went to school since I was 11 years old. With 17 I finished High School and came to Tarrafal where I worked as a primary school teacher. Before I started to work with Delta Cultura I had a job as a desk clerk in a hotel in the capital of Praia. But I was always helping the children of my hometown to resolve their school problems. That is something I love to do and I am doing it until today.

About Delta Cultura

I know Delta Cultura since many years and it is really great that I am part of this team today. Today I am not only able to help the children and adolescents from Tarrafal, but what motivates me to give my best is that I can participate and stay close to everything Delta Cultura does. Today, after many years with Delta Cultura, I can understand why the children and adolescents who come to the Center, love this place and this organisation so much. I see Delta Cultura as a reference and a success story here in Tarrafal in particular and in Cape Verde in an African context. Delta Cultura does a lot for the children, adolescents and the civil society in many different areas. Working with Delta Cultura is a big experience for me. I can share with everybody what I know and I can also learn with them.