Osvaldo Sanches Tavares



Date of birth

17th of December 1985

With Delta Cultura since


Role at Delta Cultura

Educator and football trainer for children and adolescents at the Education Center Tarrafal

About me

I am simple, likeable, honest and proud about everything I do. I am always trying to learn more so I can help the ones in need. I like my family and the ones that support me to overcome all the problems life comes along with. I finished High School and I am very happy to work with Delta Cultura and help to develop it.

About Delta Cultura

Delta Cultura is one of my homes, I like it a lot and I love to work with my colleagues, always knowing that the work I do with our children will help them to raise, always trying to push their self-esteem knowing that they are our future. Delta Cultura also gives me the possibility to do what I like to do the most which is helping the ones in need, teaching them everything about the sport I love most: football. I am very thank full to be in this organisation, which is always trying to give the children the best education possible. I wish Delta Cultura lots of strength!