WordPress in Cape Verdean Creole

WordpressFor our relaunch of the Delta Cultura site we decided to use the famous blog- or CMS-system WordPress. We will not only offer a German, Portuguese and English version but also one in Badiu-Creole. The fruits of our work should not only stay in our hands. We want to share the WordPress language files with the worldwide community. This will enable other creole people to set up their blog in their native language. We see this project as an important step to preserve and promote the Cape Verdean language and culture and will work on it with our team. The roadmap:
  1. Theme (the one we use) [until end of 2009]
  2. Plugins (the ones we use) [until end of 2009]
  3. WordPress [until summer 2010]
  4. More Themes (standard etc.) [until summer 2010]
If there are Kabuverdianus out there who would like to join the team and help us with translating, please contact us at wordpress [.at.] deltacultura.org If you are not creole but would like to support us in another way, feel free to contact us via the same email address ­čśë [German Version of this article: http://deltacultura.org/de/2009/10/wordpress-in-kriolu.html]
Author: Christian Fu M├╝ller
Image: WordPress

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