Workshop about growing vegetables

Reasonable water usage in the field of agriculture (drip irrigation) and common plant and crop growing knowledge are the subjects of our workshop that last for several days and started yesterday. Financed by the ADF and taught by a member of the Capeverdean ministry for agriculture, 30 children and adolescents learn in theory and practice what makes a plant grow. The first two days were a success for the kids, the teachers, the members of Delta Cultura and for the tomato plants, which finally  – after many weeks in the plant nursery – were transplanted to the largeness of the garden. And of course our Education Center has its profit too, as it finally has its own vegetable garden. A participant of the workshop was not only impressed by the content of the workshop but also by the snacks they get during the breaks. Although the snacks are not more than a peace of bread with butter, a cup of juice and a few cookies he found a very strong comparison: “wow, this is like at the National assembly!”

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