Workshop on violence

Together with the Children’s Center Picos, which is run by the Cape Verdean Institute for Children and Adolescents (ICCA), Delta Cultura is organising a workshop on violence. 40 boys aged 12 to 16 years are spending 4 days at the Education Center of Delta Cultura and are dealing the issue of violence in a variety of ways. Lectures, discussions and games show the boys how to resolve conflicts non violently. Even though the speakers are authorities such as the local police chief, the kids have fun and get involved into the discussions. The police chief – obviously well trained pedagogically – has lectured the children about topics like drug abuse, gang problems and other issues that he has found relevant for Tarrafal. Delta Cultura also wants to thank the Peace Corps volunteers who helped in the organisation and in conduct the workshop: Lynette, Matt, Toby and Adam. We hope we could particpate with this workshop in a more peacefull community!

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