World Champion 2014

campeão_1Delta Cultura Cabo Verde (DCCV) is the new champion of the Football For Hope Festival that took place in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil. The new champions won at the final the French team “Sport Dans La Ville” for 1-0. The winning goal was scored by Danilson Cardoso as known as “Da” among the friends. At the final the delegation of DCCV was strongest than the other 32 delegations present at the event. To remember that in this competition the most important is the fair play and some other rules respected among the participants. The arrival in Cape Verde of the delegation is schedule for Sunday at 20h40 in a trip coming from Angola. For now, DCCV has received many compliments for the other participants delegations, the network streetfootballworld which DCCV is a member, international organizations, friends and so on. Congratulations to DCCV and welcome home champions.

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