Zine Workshop

From 21th to 25th of November 2016, Delta Cultura Education Center (CEDC) hosts a zine workshop for children and youth from the center. Zine is a type of printed publication based on low cost of production that can encompass diverse subjects. The workshop being conducted by the Doctor, Visual Artist and Adjunct Professor at the University of Santa Catarina (UDESC) in the department of visual arts, Nara Milioli from the colectivo observatório-móvel de Florianápolis_Santa Catarina_Brasil, is aimed to children and youth with more than 12 years old in a daily workload of 2 hours and a total of 10 hours. The main objective of the workshop is to produce a zine that will based on the Tarrafal community, where the activities will consist of practical classes, with different designs, paintings and collages. Since it is a low cost production, one only needs scissors, glue, magazines, cut and print, pencil, pen, paints and some more. In the end, a collective zine will be produced that figures as a portrait of the workshop.

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