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Delta Cultura



In the Education Centre

This website provides an insight into the programs and activities of the Education Centre, but also the importance of the Centre for children and young people (see stories & quotes).

All programs are available to all interested children and young people. However, participation is never mandatory. Children and young people can choose freely.

The current (mid-2023) offerings of the education center:

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At the Delta Cultura Kindergarten we promote children's early development through playful learning. Our educators support each child’s social, emotional and cognitive skills. Through individual support, we lay the foundation for lifelong learning.

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School Support

Delta Cultura's school support programs provide individualized educational assistance. We accompany the children on their school journey, awaken their curiosity and desire for knowledge and provide support with homework supervision and tutoring. These offers are voluntary.

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IT & Languages

Delta Cultura is aware of the importance of IT and language skills in the globalized world. Our offer includes computer science lessons, free internet access for research and language courses in English, French and Portuguese.

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Music Lessons

Music plays a central role in Delta Cultura's educational programs. The importance of music for the development of the nervous system has been scientifically proven. Playing a musical instrument in particular promotes cognition, creativity and expression. In addition to Batuco (a tradition of drumming, dancing and singing), Delta Cultura also offers guitar and piano lessons as well as the opportunity to sing in a choir.

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Artistic Activities

Art is an important platform for self-expression and creative development. Delta Cultura's artistic programs include both visual and performing arts. They offer children and young people space for creativity, self-expression and the development of new skills.

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Sports Activities and learning through Play

The importance of exercise for learning and health is well known and scientifically proven. A central offer of Delta Cultura is football training and games on the weekends. In addition to football, which is used for social development, other sports and games are also used in the various programs.

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Environmental Projects

Environmental education and sustainability are key themes in Delta Cultura's work. With projects such as the tree nursery and the forest garden, Delta Cultura is actively committed to the fight against climate change and promotes environmental awareness among the children and young people at the Education Centre.

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Delta Cultura organizes sports, cultural and educational events. In addition, workshops on the UN sustainability goals are held regularly. The holiday camps in the Education Centre during the school holidays are a highlight in the lives of children and young people.

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