Our Partners

Our sincere thanks go to all institutions, organizations, companies and individuals who helped and/or still help Delta Cultura throughout the years. Without you we couldn’t and can’t do our work so successfully.

The current main partners (in alphabetical order):

Common Goal

Delta Cultura is proud to be part of this great movement and exited that Alex Esswein and Frederik Schramm, two Common Goal members, have teamed up with us.

FIFA – Foundation

The Football for Hope Movement is the key element of the strategic alliance between FIFA and streetfootballworld. The movement aims to utilize the role of football in society in order to contribute to the achievement of the UN Millennium Development Goals. Within the framework of the Football for Hope Movement, Delta Cultura Cabo Verde has been provided with financial support by FIFA for its meritorious contribution to the field of /Social Development through Football/. This support and recognition in the framework of the Football for Hope Movement represent a distinction for innovative and sustainable social and human development programs working with football as the central tool in the areas of Health Promotion, Peace Building, Anti-Discrimination & Social Integration, Children’s Rights & Education, as well as the /Environment.Visit

FIFA Legacy Trust

Delta Cultura is supported since 2013 by this legacy trust that FIFA implemented after the World Cup in South Africa in 2010.

Georg Kraus Foundation

Since many years this German Foundation supports the Education Center Tarrafal. Thanks to this support, two more educators could be employed and help to improve the educational programs. Since 2015 the foundation also helps to build up the music classes at the Center.

Jochnick Foundation

The Dutch foundation supports Delta Cultura Cabo Verde from the end of 2017 until the end of 2018. A large part of the support is determined for the art activities of the Education Center.

Para Onde?

Since 2015 Delta Cultura is part of this online platform for volunteers. Para Onde? promotes Delta Cultura’s work for interested volunteers all around the world, and they can submit their interest in volunteering at the Education Center. Thanks to this partnership, the Education Center have received lots of international volunteers and its programs have be improved and developed significantly.


Since 2004 Delta Cultura is part of this network of more than 100 organizations worldwide. The development of Delta Cultura and the Education Center is very much owed to this network.

Tarrafal Municipality

The municipality provided the land where the Education Center was built in 2004 and made the whole project possible like that. Since 2013 Delta Cultura has a protocol signed with the Municipality. The Municipality provides one watchman, the cleaning staff and the transport of the children to the football games as well as the transport of the children of the kinder garden to the Center and home, while Delta Cultura supports the Municipality with sport equipment, cultural events, etc.

The third half

Since 2016 Delta Cultura is one of the travel destinies of this organisation which organizes group travels to projects that use football for social change. Objective is to provide these organizations with freely disposed money and like this help to sustain the organizations on a long term.

Further institutions, organizations and sponsors that actually support us (in alphabetical order):

A few of the organizations that supported us in the past: