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School Support

School support

Homework Support

All of the Education Centre’s offerings promote the participants’ academic performance. Having a place where children and young people feel comfortable and can develop their talents promotes their general well-being and thus their ability to learn.
For these areas, 7 carers and volunteers from Portugal are available to the children and young people.

Primary school students, in particular, use homework help. Every child has his or her preferred carer from whom he or she gets help. Once they have sat down at the table and pulled out their exercise books, the children are encouraged to concentrate so that they can complete the annoying homework quickly. A rarely easy undertaking, but the carers have already developed their “techniques” and if a child doesn’t want to do that and has no ability to concentrate, he or she is “released into freedom”…

School support


Tutoring is mainly used by high school participants. Like everywhere else in the world, the most common subjects in which students need support are mathematics, physics and chemistry.
The tutoring sessions are short and are also based on the students’ ability to concentrate.

Impressions from School Support

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