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Delta Cultura

Goals & Framework Conditions created

Eradicate Poverty through Education

Our Main Goal

Delta Cultura follows one main goal with the Education Centre

All framework conditions, sub-goals and activities created are aimed at achieving this goal.

Creating and improving the future prospects of children and young people.

The main sub-goals

The Main Sub-Goals

Delta Cultura has defined the following sub-goals to fulfill its mission and live up to its vision. Delta Cultura’s years of experience in the educational sector, as well as numerous scientific studies, prove the importance of the sub-goals described:

  • Creation of emotions that generate curiosity.
  • Promote intrinsic motivation.
  • Promote self-confidence.
  • Promoting social skills.
  • Promoting creativity and artistic flair.
  • Promote critical thinking.



Quote about
Delta Cultura

I love Delta Cultura because I can have fun here. Delta Cultura enchants people. When I am sad I come to Delta Cultura and I am happy. Delta Cultura teaches children to learn more.

Cleida, 12 years old

Our Framework Conditions

The path to achieving these goals began with the construction of the Education Centre in 2004/2005. Since then, the general conditions have been continuously improved. The most important framework conditions ensured:

The main sub-goals

The Education Centre - A Safe Place

The term safe place does not just mean a physical place that keeps out dangers and threats. It’s about a place of trust where children and young people feel comfortable, a place of security, a place where they can discover and develop their talents, a place where mistakes can be made, where the strengths are emphasized and not the weaknesses of children and young people, a place where children and young people are heard.

The importance of such a place for the development of children and young people has been examined and proven in numerous studies:



The main sub-goals

Creation of Lasting Positive Memories

As can be seen from the anecdotes told on this page, the children and young people love the Education Centre and the various activities and events. This will give them many positive, lasting memories. Studies on this topic demonstrate the importance of positive, lasting memories for children’s development and their later mental health:

The main sub-goals

Free Access to Information

The free provision of the Internet for research purposes, as well as the holding of regular workshops on relevant current topics and Internet safety, significantly improve access to information for children and young people.



The main sub-goals

Teaching the Portuguese Language

The mother tongue of the children and young people is Creole. They only “learn” Portuguese at school. So that the children are better equipped for everyday school life, the education center focuses on teaching the foreign language Portuguese in a playful way, especially in kindergarten. The volunteers from Portugal, who are very popular with the children, also make a significant contribution to achieving this goal.

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