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Delta Cultura

Sports Activities and learning through Play

Games on the weekends

Football Training

Delta Cultura began its activities in 2002 in Tarrafal with football training for children (and Batuco). The goal of football training was never to train professional players. The aim was always to offer children and young people a leisure activity that they would enjoy doing. Furthermore, football training was and is a good opportunity to address important topics such as environmental problems, gender equality, etc.

At the beginning, when all the coaches worked on a voluntary basis, there were only U12 and U16 for boys, but the offer quickly expanded due to enormous demand. The first girls team joined in 2003.
After a few years of operation and with the opening of the Education Centre in 2005, there were football training sessions and games on the weekends for all age groups. U7, U9, U11, U13 (boys and girls together), U15, U17, U19 and first team for boys and men as well as U16 and first team for girls and women. All age groups train twice a week.

The trainers of the Education Centre have received numerous training courses over the years. There were also several training sessions in the area of football for social development, mainly by Coaches Across Continents, an organization that specializes in alternative forms of play to teach relevant topics.

The football activities are among the most popular at the Education Centre. Above all, the regular games on the weekends are highlights in the lives of children and young people and, as the stories of former participants show, create lasting positive memories for them.


Quotes About
Delta Cultura

“The Education Center is very important to me … whenever we have a problem, we can talk to the educators. When we are at the Education Center, we are free, we can be who we are and no one prohibits us anything. "

Edilene, 15 years old
On and off the football field

Educational Games

Playing is learning. Children cannot learn without playing. Science has known this for a long time, but public schools have not responded seriously.
Playing is, therefore, a very important part of the Education Centre. There is free play, which takes place constantly. Children and young people get together and play in one of the rooms where there are no activities taking place, in the tire park, in the trees, on the football field and the children’s attempts to take over the office space for their games do not stop.

In addition to the free games that the children organize themselves, there are of course many football games in different game formats that deal with topics such as gender equality, integration, the environment, etc.
But curricula are not only available in the football sector. There is also a collection of games for other forms of play from which the carers can choose at any time.

Olympic Games take place in the Education Centre every holiday. The children are divided into groups and a variety of competitions are held: sprinting and running competitions, volleyball, scrabble, writing games, etc. In the end there is a group that has collected the most points, but prizes are also awarded for participation and fair play.

Impressions from the Sports Activities

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