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Computer Science and Languages

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Computer Science and Languages

The Education Centre houses an IT room with 10 computers. The offers are led by a trained supervisor.

On the one hand, the IT room is used for regular IT lessons for all age groups, from kindergarten children to 18-year-olds. Each age group has lessons twice a week.

Of course, special attention is paid in class to the safe use of the Internet, especially social media. But internet research and what needs to be paid attention to is also a constant topic.

In addition to regular lessons, the IT room is also available for students to do internet research. If necessary, the supervisor helps with research for school work and/or presentations, as well as with the creation of the relevant documents.

The IT room also has set hours for games and using social media. Needless to say, this offer is one of the most popular. But in general, the IT room is a very popular place for almost all participants.

Additional offers

Language Lessons

Language lessons have been part of the offerings since the Education Centre was founded, with the focus always being on Portuguese and English lessons. But German and Spanish courses have also already been held.

For many years, the Education Centre has offered English, French and Portuguese lessons all year round. Participants are children and young people from the Education Centre. The focus of these lessons is on conversation. This is in complete contrast to language lessons in public schools, which focus exclusively on teaching grammar and the students hardly speak the language.

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