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Delta Cultura

Environmental Projects

Fighting climate change

Tree Nursery

Delta Cultura Tree Nursery started in February 2022. It is financed by the Daniel Schlegel Environmental Foundation (DSUS).
The nursery employs 3 people (two men and one woman) and has the following goals:

  • Planting 1000 trees per year
  • Push back invasive shrub and tree species so that more water is available in the groundwater reservoir.
  • Educational work regarding climate change
  • Improving the microclimate in Tarrafal

The trees grown, exclusively fruit trees (mango, cashew , lime, etc.), are distributed to interested families, the community and also to farmers. Delta Cultura covers the entire cost of rearing.

Information events are held four times a year, for which flyers have been designed and printed. These show the importance of trees in combating the climate crisis.

Fighting climate change

Forest Garden

The forest garden project began in November 2020 with the planting of 90 fruit trees on the grounds of the Education Centre. Since then, the forest garden has been created on an area of around 3,500m2 that had previously not been used.

After the first year, the main focus was on the growth of the trees and a few vegetables were cultivated, but this changed with the start of the tree nursery project. Since then, the tree nursery’s employees have also been taking care of the forest garden, taking online training courses and familiarizing themselves with the subject matter theoretically and practically.

The aim of the forest garden is to improve the catering for the kindergarten children at the Education Centre and, as a result, also the catering for the children who are only at the Education Centre half-day.

Impressions from the Green Education Centre

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