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Delta Cultura


Delta Cultura


The Delta Cultura kindergarten was launched in 2016 and has been an integral part of the Education Centre ever since.

The main reason for its foundation was the fact that the children in Cape Verde have Creole as their mother tongue, but lessons in schools are in Portuguese . Until they reach school age, the children only speak Creole and Portuguese is not taught in schools as a foreign language – which it is for the children. As a result, many children have problems at school; they often only learn by memory without understanding what they are learning by heart. The loss of interest in learning is a logical consequence.

In the Delta Cultura kindergarten, the children do not learn Portuguese in a school situation by sitting still and learning, but rather in a playful way in daily interaction with the Portuguese kindergarten teacher, who only speaks Portuguese to the children.


Quote about
Delta Cultura

At Delta Cultura I learn how to study and how I live in a community.

Txerno, 8 years old

The kindergarten accommodates 15 girls and 15 boys aged 4 years. This means they spend 2 years in kindergarten before they start school. Experience has shown that after two years the children may not all speak Portuguese, but they all understand the new language.

All of the Education Centre’s pedagogical approaches are also used in kindergarten. The children can freely choose which of the activities offered they want to take part in: learning games, painting, crafts, computer lessons, singing, dancing, meditation, sports games, trips to the beach, and much more.

The kindergarten consists of a 50 m2 room with a book corner, tables and chairs and plenty of toys. The children can use the entire education center: art room, artificial turf soccer field, IT room, tire park, etc.

Impressions from Kindergarten

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