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Delta Cultura



Awareness events

Every month, the Education Centere chooses one of the 17 UN sustainability goals as the topic of the month and organizes various events such as discussion groups, videos on the theme and the chosen goal is also repeatedly addressed during football training.

The discussion groups, in particular, show how shockingly little the children and young people here know about gender equality, climate change, ocean pollution, etc. This proves the increased importance of these activities.


Delta in the Districts

Once a month, all employees of the Education Centre go to a busy place in different parts of the village in the evening and show videos about the work of the Education Centre and explain the pedagogical approaches.

Whenever possible, there is also a performance by the Batucadeiras Delta Cultura. As soon as Batuco sounds, people stream out of their houses and take part in the event.

This event was created because the educational idea of Delta Cultura and the pedagogical orientation of the education center are not known to many of the participants’ parents. There are also teachers in public schools who think that, in the Education Centre, the children just play and do not learn anything. Delta Cultura is also facing a lot of headwind from public schools because the association vehemently opposes physical violence by teachers against students, which is unfortunately still common practice.

In order to counteract these grievances , those responsible have launched “Delta Cultura in the Districts”.

The successes of these events may be modest, but as we know, constant dripping erodes every stone.


Quotes about
Delta Cultura

The Center is a place where I always go to with huge motivation, because it is a place where I laugh a lot and where I am always happy. The Center is a place where there is no inequality, a place where everybody respects everybody … it is one of the best places in Tarrafal. At the Center I study, I play football I spend good times with my friends and also volunteers from abroad. 

Sometimes my mother does not let me go to the Center … this makes me really sad and sometimes I even cry … the Center is my second home. Yeah.

Romila, 16 years old

Holiday Leisure

The Delta Cultura holiday camp originally always took place in the first holiday month, in July. The children and young people are in the Education Centre for 3 days. The classroom, art room, music room and the IT room are converted into bedrooms, the kindergarten cook provides the children and young people with food and during the day and evening there are games and activities that the children have chosen beforehand.

These holiday camps are so popular that Delta Cultura has decided to also run these holiday camps during the Christmas and Easter holidays.

The days before and after the holiday camps are filled with stories and expectations for the children and young people about past and upcoming holiday camps.

This is another activity that creates lasting positive memories for children and young people.


Sports & Cultural Events

Sports and cultural events are regularly on the program and are very popular with children and young people.

The sporting events include football games and the organization or participation in football tournaments on the weekends for all age groups. The men’s U17 as well as the first women’s and men’s teams take part in the regional championships.

The cultural events are mainly performances by the Batucadeiras Delta Cultura and the Batuco Festival. In addition, Delta Cultura also organizes dance and singing events.

All events have special meaning for the children and young people and their participation in these events create lasting positive memories for the children and young people.

Impressions from Events

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