XIV Childish Games

The Delta Cultura Kindergarten participated at “XIV Childish Games” with the following motto: “promote values for an inclusive and active citizenship”. This event for all kindergartens of Tarrafal aims to promote the interchange between children of preschool and it took place at the sporty pavilion in the city, in two different phases. There were a lot […]

Liga Play Tarrafal

Delta Cultura Footall School participates in the 1st Edition of the Liga Play Tarrafal with under 11, under 13 and under 15. The competition will have the participation of 20 teams by these three (3) football ranks and will be played in the system of two phases, being the first phase in the model all against […]

Yoga Workshop

Last thursday, February 22nd 2018, Delta Cultura Education Center organized a yoga workshop, with about more than two dozen children who are part of the programs. Thanks to a Portuguese yoga teacher, Carolina Lino, these children had their first contact with this technique, which appeared many years ago, in the Asian continent, near the northwest […]

A Delegation from The World Bank and Ministry of Education from Guinea-Bissau visit Delta Cultura

Today our Education Center received a delegation composed by members of the The World Bank and a delegation from the Ministry of Education from Guinea-Bissau. The main objective was to exchange good practices and strategies especialy about pre-school services. During the visit, the delegation that was accompanied by representatives of the City Hall of Tarrafal, were […]

Masks Contest

As we are approaching the Carnaval festivities, Delta Cultura Education Center has organized a Masks Contest for children. The contest was organized by the volunteers in the art room and had as main objective boosting and promoting children’s artistic potential and of course offer lots of fun as well. The children had two days, February […]

Football3 Tournament

Based on the topic of Gender Equality, Delta Cultura Education Center held in two weeks a Football 3 tournament with its participants. The main objective of the tournament was to work on the issue of gender equality in football, as it is still a great issue in the community regarding football. Through football3, children realize […]

Gender Equality Football Games

In order to explain to the kids the issue of gender equality in a very effective way, Delta Cultura Education Center conduted some football games that teach the issue of gender equality in the society. Through these games, developed through partnership with Coaches Across Continents, kids were able to learn about gender equality, as knowing […]